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Page 445 - June 12, 2013

Hah, I just realized that because Iceland time is like 3 hour later than Finland time, my morning updates also happen 3 hours later than typically. I guess those of you across the pond who sometimes are able to catch the pages around midnight "before" the update date are out of luck, huh?

The weather is still looking mighty gloomy, so today will be museum-visiting day for me and my mom! We bought this thing called a Reykjavik Welcome Card, that gives you free access to a whole bunch of museums and all the city buses. We're so going to get our money's worth out of that one! We already rode the buses to a few places after we had walked our feet raw in the city center for half a day. One important thing we learned: a lot of the buses stop running around seven or eight o-clock in the afternoon. Our last bust trip of the evening almost got us stranded at the outskirts of the suburbs in the rain. We basically rode the bus until we felt like we were kind of lost, jumped out, realized that the next bus back was the final one for the day, rode it right back to the city and called it a day. But it was a pretty awesome day.

So when in Reykjavik, make sure to do your bus adventures during the day or you might have to walk back one evening. In the rain, of course. Well, see you tomorrow with the next page.

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