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Page 389 - March 30, 2013

Remember how I said I wanted to make another downloadable minicomic in time for Easter? Well I did! It's the exact same deal as for the last one: only 2$ for a 9-page comic plus a cute little end page Ville-illustration as the tenth page.  Here's a little half-page preview:

Paypal and credit cards are available as payment methods and you'll get a direct download link to your email right away.

This minicomic features teenage Hannu and his friends (+ Paju's little brother Tuomi, with whom Hannu obviously gets along really well) doing some Finnish Eastery stuff. They go from house to house chanting charms of good fortune for the upcoming year and giving out fresh willow branches that are decorated with colorful feathers. And as a reward they get...candy! So in a way its quite similar to the US Halloween tradition, except without the egg-throwing as revenge for unsatisfactory rewards. I guess they could take back their good luck wishes and curse the persons crops instead. And oh yeah, the kids are supposed to be dressed up as witches and black cats because that's what Easter is all about!

I hope you folks enjoy the minicomic! I'm of course really thankful to anyone who buys one, I'm trying to save up some buffer funds for next year when I won't be studying anymore. Oh, and the first minicomic is of course still available for those who missed it, I even made a nifty little minicomic store: liiink! Uh, I've really got to include a permanent link to that somewhere on the site...

Anywaaay what are you doing for Easter? Any particular regional traditions where you live?