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Page 345 - February 9, 2013

Looks like Hannu is about to realize something, but I'm afraid he'll have to wait until Monday to finish his thought. Anyway, I have another language-related question for you guys here: do you feel like the rocky thing Hannu and Ville just climbed up on is a really small mountain or a really high hill? The reason I'm asking is that I had a quite difficult time deciding what to make Mr.Bear call it a few pages ago, and when I had finally decided to use "mountain" one of our attentive Finnish readers thought that hill would have been a far better translation for the word that I use in the original version. You see, there's a word in Finnish that is located very neatly between the concepts hill and mountain: "vaara", and I can't for the life of me find a good English equivalent! Help meee?

That's my nice little graph, illustrating the issue I'm having. A "vaara" is supposed to be a very cliffy formation with a rounded top, but it's never so high that trees can't grow on the highest point of it. And I would estimate that it's taken our two heroes maaaybe half an hour to an hour to reach the top. So the question is: do you guys feel like this thing we've got here is a hill or a mountain, or is there perhaps even a more suitable word for it that I just haven't found yet?

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