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Page 323 - January 15, 2013

This morning I would like everyone to note that the pages have started to show signs of having actual margins these days. For comparison jump back a dozen pages or so, and there's merely a hint of a gap between the outer borders of the panels and the edge of the pages, and there are even speech bubbles that are placed right by the edges. In earlier pages the speech bubbles are frequently even cut off a bit, how crude!

But not anymore! It was somewhere around these pages that I kind of started to warm up to the idea of maybe possibly one day making a small print run of a book version of this comic, and that's not really an option without any kind of margins. So yeah, if I ever go the printing route, I only have to heavily edit the first 300 pages or so by extending the artwork enough for a sufficient margin and a bleed for the cropping area and move any speech bubbles that risk getting mutilated. Uuuh, that's a few weeks of nothing but print-prepping, not something I look forward to.

By the way, I'm not promising a book or anything yet, just opening up for the possibility by not shooting myself as much in the foot anymore.  

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