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Page 300 - December 19, 2012

Wooo, page 300! Halfways to 600, which seriously is a mark I simply won't let the final page count for aRTD to pass. Right now I'm kind of estimating ~580 pages, which feels like a nice number and perfectly doable before the deadline I set for myself. Well, maybe not perfectly, but close enough. Aww, I should have done something special for this day...

By the way, this is one of those days that I'm very thankful for having a virtual backup running of my files: I accidentally saved the two most recent pages with the wrong file names which resulted in a neat destruction of the two pages that those file names previously belonged to. The moment between realizing what I had done and remembering the backup was a moment of complete brain-freeze with a good deal of non-verbal "noooo!" to go with it. I need to go buy some yum-yums to recover from that awful traumatic moment!

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