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Page 277 - November 22, 2012

It's pretty clear that the holiday season is looming in the near future, because every single class I'm attending has some kind of deadline creeping up on me within the next two weeks, and I am officially getting overpowered by all this darn homework! I have a two page essay due tomorrow that I only have a first draft written of AND I have to make an oral presentation, also tomorrow, for which I haven't even chosen a subject yet. Do not want! Aaand I'm supposed to have the first couple of pages for my final thesis written by Monday so that I can present them in the seminar meeting, and here's how many words I've written so far: 0. Then there's some strange one week logo-animation workshop next week, a typography course that started two days ago  and a major graphic design course (my third one, there's one for each year) with its dreadful group project. Aaarrgh, that course and its horrible, super-serious, anti-inspirational group project! It is tearing so badly on my nerves that I fantasize about ragequitting it right now and leaving my poor team mates to finish the project by themselves. But then I wouldn't be able to graduate and everyone would hate me forever. x__x

Alright, now I got that off my chest, and ranting helps dealing with stuff, so yeah. Thanks. By the way, I know the seemingly obvious way to solve these short term stress and time issues of mine would be to take a break from drawing the comic for a week or two, and just rely on my buffer for updates, but... no. I don't want to do that. That is the last thing I want to do! Seriously, my daily comic-drawing session is the only time of day when I actually feel at peace and manage to relax a bit. It's my own thing that I have full control over myself and something that I really have a passion for. So, no breaks. I'm going to get a page done each day, no matter how late I have to stay up!

I  actually tried the skipping drawing a page-method for a couple of days last week, went to bed before midnight and all that, and I simply felt awful afterwards. Not in a guilty "oh no, I didn't finish a page today, I've failed myself!" way, but just... exactly as annoyed and stressed out about school as I usually am, but without the satisfaction of knowing that I actually made progress on the comic, which is what really matters to me. Well, got to push through, only five and a half months left. Then things will happen.

This was a whine-post, I promise I won't write any more of these this year unless my cat does something crazy. Anyway, here's today's page, it contains much talking and many lies. Uhh, do you guys even remember the stuff that was going on around page 153 anymore?

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