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Page 275 - November 20, 2012

More snow, because snow is fun! Well, maybe not, in retrospect I'm kind of regretting my decision to make it snow in this chapter too, because drawing that snow in every single panel has grown quite repetitive and annoying. It doesn't take long, but still...bleh!

A lot of you folks noticed already, but for those who check in via the RSS feed or have bookmarked the most recent page of the comic rather than the main site: there's a shiny new layout, take a look and have a piece of cake!  Here's a nifty little overview image of what the site looks like in full:

I used the same template that I build for the previous layout, just changed the images, colors, the header structure and did some tweaking with the paragraph styles. All in all, a very painless transformation on my end.

Aaand as some of you already noticed and kindly let me know: I forgot to include the tutorials and art log sections to the menu. But fear not, I've now added links to them through the gallery page. Nothing vanished! Except the "characters" page, it's all gone now. I think I want to do a brand new and better one to replace it. Some day. Maybe. Or maybe not. Who here even needs it?

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