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Page 259 - November 1, 2012

Oh my, yesterday I didn't know what do do with the vocabulary issue on the last page, but you guys came up with so many great suggestions that I ended up not being able to make a decision for hours. Going from "no options" to "too many options AAAA!" I was initially going to change the line to "fallen through the ice bla bla bla" and avoid the whole ice-hole issue altogether, but so many of you seemed to prefer an explanatory asterisk- solution.

So, that's what I went with, but I couldn't really use the Swedish word "vak" since to me it would indicate that Hannu speaks Swedish. Which he doesn't. Sure, he's gone through all those years of mandatory Swedish lessons as all Finns do, but he's already forgotten everything he ever learned. He sucks. Anyway, I plopped in the Finnish ice-hole word instead, "avanto". That's good enough for now, maybe if I end up making a printed book version of this comic I'll give it yet another thought. I haven't really been injecting many words that need translations so far, the only other asterisk-accompanied word I can think of was "Hannunvaakuna" somewhere at the beginning of this chapter. 

Hey, ooh! It's a new month again?! That means the ranking over at Topwebcomics has been reset once again, and I'm kicking off the month with a nice little vote incentive. I believe I promised a Halloween themed vote bait picture a while back, so here you go: it's Jack-o-lantern!Ville and Ghost!Hannu. Uhuhuhuu!

Yeah, it's a quick, sweet little drawing, I completely forgot when Halloween was so I threw that together yesterday evening. One would think that with all the Halloween-specials that's been popping up on all of my favourite shows these past couple of weeks I would be more up to date on this particular Yankee holiday, but nooo. It's like Thanksgiving: I know its' somewhere kind of, almost, maybe close to Christmas because that's when the special episodes about turkey dinners start rolling in. But when exactly...I never seem to remember. Oh, and I know Canadians also celebrate something called Thanksgiving, but on a completely different day. Durrh, I'm sooo knowledgeable about other cultures' holidays. 8-/จจ

Finnish (and Nordic overall) "Halloween" is basically just your good old fashioned all hallows' eve, a day to spare a thought for dead relatives and when all the stores are closed. Oh, and it's always on the first Saturday between 31th October and 6th November, so from my point of view it's simply a Saturday when I can't buy candy. x_x

Also: nooo! I'm supposed to present the subject of my final thesis and get it officially approved today, which means holding a presentation in front of the class again. And I haven't finished my slides yet! *mini-panics* Okay, I've got about an hour before my train leaves, that's plenty, uuugghhh!

....great, now my cat licked my breakfast sandwitch. I'm going to eat it anyway.