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Page 253 - October 26 , 2012

No point trying to break through that ice, its' just going to get thicker the longer moose beastie is standing there. But Hannu to the rescue! Obvious turn of events is obvious.

Alright, heads up for tomorrow: there is a teeny-tiny risk that I won't be able to update this weekend. NOO, DON'T PANIC YET! I probably will be able to, but there is that risk. Here's the thing: I'm going to a big family get-together this weekend (leaving today after school) in central Finland, as we're having some kind of combined birthday celebration thing for my mom who recently turned 50, my grandfather who turned 60, my cousin whose birthday is on the day before the party, his father whose birthday is on the exact day of the party, aaand his mother whose birthday is on the day after the party (I have no idea how they managed to align their birthdays like that. o_o) Obviously I have to go, since if I didn't I would be the lamest link.

Anyway, I'm taking all the necessary files for the weekend updates with me, so as long as I get my hands on a computer with an internet connection and on which I'm allowed to install an FTP client to reach my website server, we'll be all set. I know my grandparents have a laptop with one of those mobile internet connection USB sticks, so I'm counting on them letting me use it. Ugh, this really would have been a great time for me to have my own laptop... -_-

To sum things up: if me+internet=true over the weekend, then there will be an update tomorrow. In case there's no update tomorrow, then that means I'm eating cake and mingling with relatives/hiding in the bathroom. Oh, and if that does happen, I'll just post two pages on Sunday evening once I'm home again. Deal?