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Page 233 - October 6, 2012

All of you who have been wondering whether the Moose of Hiisi even bothered to start chasing after our dear duo: yes, yes it did. And here it comes!

I mentioned it briefly last week, but I'll remind you guys: I'm skipping my Sunday breaks completely this month, due to this part of the comic being so action-heavy and I want the whole scene to play out smoothly without any disrupting one-day pauses every weekend. So make sure to check in tomorrow too in case you don't follow the RSS feed or anything and just check in manually. If you don't, you'll face the horror of two new pages come Monday, and then what would you do? o_o

Heh, this page would make for a pretty neat cliffhanger, though. Wouldn't you guys just hate my guts right now if I just went " Toodeloo, no page tomorrow, see you all on Monday!" and left things here? I bet you would, even if you were too polite to voice it.

Anyway, in conclusion: there will be a new page tomorrow, even if it is Sunday. Remember to stop by. :3