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Page 229 - October 2, 2012

We all knew this was what was going to happen, because there is no way in heaven that anything could go right in a situation like this. Therefore, everything must go wrong.

Lookie here, there's a new image in the gallery!

It's the new header image for the latter part of chapter 1, which means that only the first 26 pages still suffer from the lameness of the old interface layout. Hopefully I'll have time to take care of that once the weekend rolls in, then I wouldn't need to bother with the early parts of the comic for a long, long time.

Ah, aRTD seems tp be ranked nr 13 on Topwebcomics as I'm writing this. A big thanks to you all, you guys are such sweethearts. The colored sketch/minipainting is still up as the incentive for today, but I also added the ink linearts for pages 226-229 after it. Those things really accumulate fast with this update speed. o_x