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Page 213 - September 13, 2012

Yes, let's throw a crossbow into the mix, that'll make things better. And wow, did Hannu end up looking young in that fifth panel. I guess the fact that he's actually giving a genuine smile for once plays into that.

Aww, I was going to make a new vote incentive out of the linearts for these last three pages, but that would take like ten, fifteen minutes to set up and I'll miss my train if I try to fit that in here. It'll have to wait 'til tomorrow. Hm, maybe I should move my updating routine into the evenings instead. I tend to play the "aww, only five more minutes"-waking game, so I always end up with 0 to -5 minutes of designated updating time. I'm brushing my teeth as I'm typing this, and it is not easy. I keep stabbing myself in the cheek. x<

Alright, off I go. Time for some school!