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Page 209 - September 8, 2012

At least the beast has a very helpful bull's-eye mark on its flank. Unless it's a decoy!

Today I just have to let you guys know of a webcomic fundraiser that's going on right now, and that fundraiser is for this comic:

And it is an absolutely terrific comic, which you should all go read right now! Seriously, that artwork of Bachan is truly something else, so is the writing of Maritza Campos, and together they form something that's simply drool-worthy. So, go read that by following the image link, and more importantly, get yourself a print copy naow!Xo The fundraiser (which is through Indiegogo) reached its goal a couple of days ago (I'm so not surprised) so you'll definitely get your copy if you chip in for one, no failure in the horizon. Pffth, like there ever even was.

Link to fundraiser campaign, indiegogogo!

Aw, man I was going to recommend you guys to quickly grab yourself a hardcover version before they run out, but looks like I'm too late. They're all claimed and gone. Oh well, at least I got one for myself, muahah! 8B

New TWC vote incentive for today, which is the raw, uncolored ink linearts for pages 207-209. And tomorrow's Sunday, so no page then. See you all Monday!