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Page 195 - August 25, 2012

What?! A completely white background in a panel? Now I've seen and done it all. o_o Truth be told, I love comics that manage to pull off the use of completely blank backgrounds (negative space, is it?) but the visual style I chose for aRTD didn't really allow for any of that without making it seem way off. I even hesitated leaving out the background on the first panel here, even though it fits well with the silhouettes in front, merely for the reason that it now ended up as a very lonely panel that just doesn't have a counterpart anywhere in the comic. Poor thing. :/

My experimentation-driven self is now informing me that I really should try out some of that negative space before the comic ends, and I've got to admit that practicing that is kind of a good idea. Maybe I'll incorporate some of that into chapter 6, it feels like a chapter where large blank areas could fit in quite well here and there.

I really can't believe I haven't written a pitifully whiny post about the past week yet. You know, the "Oh my stars, I'm sooo tired!" -kind of post. Well, next week will probably be just as taxing as this one has been, and since I doubt people will want to read about how my feet hurt every morning I'm just going to write that whiny post right here and now to get it all over with. I promise I'll end things on a positive note though. Okay, here goes:

Oh my stars, I'm soooo tired! Serigraphy is simply crazy difficult, there's a gazillion things in the long process of actually getting something printed, and messing up even the tiniest part will just ruin everything and then you have to start all over again. And all the machines are makes the work space noisy as hell (I bet it is noisy in hell). And oh, the horrible task of standing and lifting things eight hours straight each day, my puny physique is simply not suited for that. Also, I was completely wrong about there being no homework: the printing might all be done in class, but whatever images we want to print in the first place have to be produced as homework after school. Now my feet hurt like crazy, I have a splitting headache, I'm tired from not getting more than a few hours of sleep each night and my confidence is way down due to messing up way over half the prints so far and I need to change my socks right now because these are starting to smell. *sniffs socks*

There, the whining is now done, and I promise I won't sneak in any of that into next week's posts. Oh, and I promised a positive ending to all of this, so here it is: this intensive course in serigraphy may be the most trying period I've had in school so far, but I'm getting some seriously cool stuff done. We are completely free to choose whatever subjects we want for these assignments, and I've made a point of making mine SSSS-related. I'm really happy with what I've managed to produce so far, so I'll have a whole bunch of neat stuff to show you guys after next week. I bet people will find some of the completely failed prints interesting too. :B