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Page 189 - August 20, 2012

So, looks like it's that awful day again: first day of school! Therefore I am terrified and simply all around miserable, that's really the best way to describe how I feel about this dreadful morning. Oh, how I wish I could just fast-forward through this year and finally be done with school. x< Well, nothing to do but to woman up and face the music or whatever the expression is. Serigraphy class, here I come!

You know what would be the smartest thing anyone anywhere has ever done? To find out exactly what serigraphy even is before I show up there. To the wikipedia-mobile! *wrooom goes the wikipedia-mobile* Now let's see here...oh, screen printing! Okay, that sounds kind of fun I guess, and it seems like the kind of subject where we really can't be assigned much homework. And that's my favourite kind of subject. :B

Anyway, bye now! Enjoy the page (+yet another cliffhanger, muahaha!) and see ya tomorrow morning with the next one.