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Page 180 - August 10, 2012

Those two additional panel lines in the bottom panel are...completely pointless. They don't improve the flow of the page, nor do they make the page more interesting (which I guess was what I was hoping for), ergo: they serve absolutely no purpose and are merely distracting. The unedited ink lineart (the one that's up as a vote incentive) even had a third line down the middle, dividing the bottom panel into four equally large semi-panels, but that one I just had to go ahead and remove yesterday when I was proof-reading this page; it was far too annoying.

Usually I try not to go back and edit out any poor choices I've made in the pages, since the point of a practice comic is (for me, at least) to try all kinds of things, make both good and bad decisions and then let those decisions stand. If I were to go back and improve all the old pages (or *gasp!* redraw them) as the comic progresses, in the end it would just look like I never even made those mistakes in the first place. That's no fun for anyone! Personally I like being able to actually note when a fellow (comic)artist has improved at something over time, which becomes very difficult when redrawn or heavily edited pages start replacing the original ones. Not that I can blame anyone for doing that, if aRTD was meant to be the greatest thing I ever did, you bet I would be redrawing pages like crazy-pie, and that's probably something I'll end up doing now and then with SSSS. But for now: no hindsight-edits allowed for me! x<