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Page 177 - August 7, 2012

Yesterday, this mofo right here drew two whole pages! Two! That's twice as many as one! Pretty great, huh? I rarely manag to do that, even when I have the whole day off and should theoretically be able to pull it off. But working on the comic 14+ hours straight in one day completely kills my brain, usually my brain starts shutting down somewhere along the first half of the second page and I have to swith over to draw something more... well, fun I guess. I've got to be honest, drawing page after page does feel like pure work some times, and too much of that in one day is too much.

At least it's good to know that I'm capable of doing a double-page streak in case I really need to, which I very well may. School starts up in less than two weeks (noo! I don't wanna go!) and there's bound to be days when I have my hands full with homework and junk and I just can't get a page done. In those cases I'll simply compensate for the loss by cramming in one extra page into the weekends! \o/