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Page 151 - July 9, 2012

That is the lamest poem anyone has ever written! Oh, that's right, I wrote that... x_x And whoops, looks like I accidentally uploaded the update picture for this page yesterday, even if there was no new page to go to. Apologies for those who were tricked and disappointed, ehehe. 8>

Blaargh, I'm slowly getting to a point where I just want to be done with this comic and finally get to start on...that comic that apparently doesn't even have a proper name yet. Which very clearly makes the point that I still have a ton off stuff to work out before I can start drawing a single page. I haven't even arrived at a final design for my main character's outfits. Oh yeah, for those who missed it yesterday, there's a new art log entry on the subject of the comic. And this little sketch here is actually the first time I've even drawn all of the characters on the same piece of paper:

But soo, soon I'll be ready for takeoff!

Oops, didn't meant to make it sound like I'm about to just abandon aRTD in a few months, I definitely won't. It may only be a practice comic which was supposed to run for a maximum of 150 pages, but that doesn't mean theat the rest of the 300-400 pages won't be great for developing my style and skills further. And quitting half way is just lame. As long as anyone anjoys reading it, I promise I'll bring it to its proper conclusion, without flaking out on quality either. So it'll be about a year before I can start with... okay, I really need to focus on coming up with a decent title for this thing. My working title sucks lemons, so I'm not even going to write it down here. x/