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Page 146 - July 3, 2012

Dramatic stuff. Or not.

I've colored a bunch of the linearts from last month, and I have to say, coloring these things is far less brain-juice consuming than the lineart part. When drawing the linearts, I was completely exhausted after the usual 2-3 pages per day. And that wasn't even physical exhaustion, but pure mental drain. x_x Even if I usually had the time to maybe do one extra page most days, after eight in the afternoon I could barely think straight enough to come up with a decent panel flow. Makes sense, though, I have to do some pretty intensive thinking when laying out each new page, and when working with ink one kind of has to stay constantly focused to avoid ink blobs or any mistakes. Make one crucial mistake, and you'll cry. So, 2,5 page linearts per day on an average was well enough to consume all my energy. But now that I'm coloring these things, all that I seem to be running out of is time. And I guess my hand kind of starts cramping up now and then, but eh.

Anyway, have a very (once again) unfortunate Hannu from page 241. Almost a hundred pages in the future, so I guess it'll take a few months for you guys to find out what going on. Nyahah! :B (He's not being chased by an evil black bar though, that's just the edge of the panel. x3)

Oh yeah, new voting incentive for Topwebcomics: the colored pencil sketch for the cover image of chap 4.

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