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Page 535 - September 26, 2013

Hannu's IQ is still dangerously low, maybe we should start suspecting permanent brain damage? Nah, it's just the adrenaline from the hunt making his brain think odd thoughts.

I drew the linearts for the first two epi-epilogue pages yesterday (even though I planned on finishing up the backsides of the postcard prints) and I've got to say: it felt really weird inking those pages traditionally again after these two months of working on the SSSS pages completely digitally. I seem to have lost some touch on my previously finely tuned routine for the inking process, because I know I would have been able to pull off almost three inked pages in the time I spent on just the two of them yesterday. Ah well, it's a fun experience, and I hope to have all six extra pages plus the postcards done by the end of the week. I have five days, I think I can pull it off if I really try. Maybe I'll even be able to squeeze 1,5 pages of SSSS into that mix, then I'd have act three of the prologue done too! Hmm, except I'll probably have to spend most of today organizing all the fanart submissions for tomorrow... Oh, and last night we struck six digits on the print drive, yaaaaay! *Struts back to work*

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