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Page 529 - September 19, 2013

Hannu is being so kind, wanting to leave a way out for his buddy Puppy-Fox. After all, he just wants to talk. And remember guys: tomorrow is the SUBMISSION DEADLINE for the fanart contest! Eeek! Wait, I'm not supposed to go "eeek!", I'm not supposed to draw anything for that, pffh. Either way, I finished page 29 of SSSS, so here's a preview panel with a very seasick, poor guy:

Poor sod, the boat isn't even moving yet. I also finished three more postcard designs for the pack, I'll try to get one more done today and show a second set of four tomorrow. And I have to go to the general store to buy a lightbulb. One of the lights in my bathroom died so I'm going to, for the very first time, change a lightbulb in my own apartment! It's truly a special day, and one step closer to being an adult. Oh right, I also have to buy cereal. I ran out of it like two weeks ago and every time I've gone to the grocery store I've forgotten to buy any, even when my main reason for going to the store in the first place was to buy cereal and I wrote it on the very top of my very short list. I always just end up buying a ton of milk and frozen fish instead. :I

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