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Page 525 - September 14, 2013

End of the week again, see you on Monday for the next page! I'll also reveal the two final stretch goals for the print drive (which is still going a-maa-zingly) then. Oh, and thanks so much to everyone who have been telling me that I should just keep all the profits generated from now on, and good news: the two final stretch goals will let me do just that. They won't be more upgrades to the book or anything, they're just...more comic! Because more profit for me means more time to make comics for you even in the future, that's what the final stretch goals are all about. And I've finished page 26 of "Stand Still. Stay Silent", so it's preview panel time again:

These last few pages I've been forced to draw a freaking car for pretty much the first time in my life. And OH the amount of reference pictures I have to use for every single angle, both for inside and outside the vehicle! And when I study the photos I feel like I'm actually seeing cars for the very first time, because I do still not get how all the curves of a basic car flow together, there's just so many of them. I'm happy with the drawing I've managed to do so far though, but I'm way out of my comfort zone. "A Redtail's Dream" was supposed to be my practice comic for SSSS, but somehow managed to make aRTD a comic where I didn't have to practice any of the subject matters that I needed to learn for SSSS. Okay, humans, I learned how to draw those, I guess they're kind of important or whatever. And now I'm learning cars.

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