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Page 507 - August 21, 2013

Puppy-Fox you moonsteeer! he could have put up a ka-boomey force field at the first second, but I think he got kind of thrown off guard about a mortal having the audacity to attack him. Oh Ville, what to do now? Time is running out... so have another SSSS preview panel, from page 16 (I'm almost done with pages 17 and 18 too):

I got my mail for the first time in three weeks! I had the delivery suspended for when I was on my trip to Finland, it was supposed to start dropping into my mailbox again last week but I guess it was delayed. But at least I got a bunch of stuff now! Rent bill, "welcome new resident"-advertisements and coupons, bank stuff from both Finland and Sweden, some more bills aaand...

...approval for my application to be registered as a business! I am now officially a Swedish sole proprietor in the category of "literary or artistic creation"! Whoo! But The approval also came with a preliminary tax bill of over 11000 SEK (or 1700 USD). Blarrggh, death! ...Haven't even made any money yet.... *grumbles*...oh well, I'm just grousing over nothing, I knew this was how things work. And I won't have to pay until November, because as a newly registered business you can get the due date pushed back 3 months if you want that. And I really want that, because depending on how the print drive next month goes I will need to have my preliminary declaration adjusted. And I want to make some deductions! Eh, I think I'll go have a chat with an accountant after I know where I'll be at.

All in all, becoming a business person was really painless. I just filled out all the dozens of forms online, and voilá, one month later: done! I'm actually kind of surprised that I already got approved. There was a note in the application terms saying that if you've been living in Sweden for less than a year, you'd need to send in a physical certificate from the tax authorities of your previous country proving that you're clear of past payment issues. I got the Finnish tax authorities to send me one (in Swedish) and was basically waiting to see if I I got some kind of "please include these things"-kind of letter this month before sending it in. But instead I just got full approval right away, huh. Maybe they were able to check with their Finnish colleagues on their own? Or maybe I'm so young that they figured I'm probably not a tax-evading criminal yet so they didn't even bother with it, who knows.

Story-time over! Wasn't that such a lovely tale on the exciting subject of small business applications? Here's something extra for those who don't enjoy my blabberings: another quick character portrait of one of the SSSS-characters. This time the young lad with the braid, who does so not belong to the crew at all and should just have stayed at home with his parents. He'll probably be a quite suitable Ville-patch for those of you who end up needing one:

See you all tomorrow! I'll get back to drawing comic pages. *Wave*

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