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Page 493 - August 5, 2013

To die or not to die, that's the question. At least when you're like...a hundred? Or 80 maybe, that's pretty old too.

So hey, I made a couple more nature paintings that are good enough that I feel like showing them! I haven't been drawing a lot, turns out my two-three weeks of summer vacation is more like 10 days. I'll be leaving on Wednesday already, so I've spent the time I have being lazy for the most part. But I drew things when I went blueberry picking with my grandparents (as in they were picking blueberries by the buckets and I just sat and drew.)

That's some crawling pine tree. There's a lot of half-vertical trees around here since it's so cliffy, they're the smart ones that don't get knocked down by the wind when the weather gets bad. Or maybe they were knocked down and decided to never get up again.

This one's from some other day, another blueberry picking session and another island. Saturday perhaps, it was the first day since I came here that the sun was out constantly. And I almost walked face first into an enormous, horrifying dangling spider boohohoo! (Enormous = the size of my thumb in this case).

Oh well, see you all tomorrow!

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