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Page 480 - July 22, 2013

I guess they won't need to travel any further anymore, because they can't. From here the only way out is back home, right?

Speaking of back home: I miss Finnish food, boohohoo! Which is a crazy thing to say because the food in Swedish grocery stores is almost exactly the same as in Finland, even most brands are the same. Except some small differences are driving me crazy, most of all the complete lack of non-fat milk. The lowest I can find anywhere is 0,5%, aka "lättmjölk", and even after over three weeks I haven't been able to get used to the creamy taste. In Finland only children drink fatty milk, adults (mostly) drink non-fat! This is just gross.

Oh hey, fun fact time. I was googling around about Swedish milk consumption to find out if non-fat milk could be easily obtained from somewhere and stumbled across this wikipedia page about milk consumption per capita in different countries. Turns out Finland tops that list, closely followed by Sweden. Apparently Finland also tops the list of coffee consumption, 12 kg per year and person (about three times as much as the average American according to the list). I personally hate coffe though, yuuuck. Non-fat milk for me, please!  /End fun facts.

Well, see you guys tomorrow! Oh, and here's another panel preview, page 6:

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