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Page 472 - July 12, 2013

Oh dear, I'm afraid tomorrow's page is going to end in another cliffhangerish panel, we won't quite reach the end of this scene this week. Awww?

In other news I managed to finish the first page of SSSS yesterday! Arrgh, it was so difficult! Despite the style testing I've done in the past I had a really hard time pinpointing the line weight and coloring style thay I had in my mind. But now it's fine, I'm sure the next pages will be a bit easier. And since SSSS isn't a practice comic anymore, I will redraw panels that keep bugging me, like this second panel. The one on top is the one  I hated, below the new one that I'm OK with:

Look at those waves! The first panel is what happens when I just try to draw something from memory, the second when I actually bother to look at some reference pictures. The first panel is pretty lame in most other aspects too: the line weight is all over the place, the composition is too linear and the coloring looks really unfocused. The rain is way too clean and digital too, bleh. Sometimes redrawing is the only way out.

So Hannu is making a last attempt to beat the swan-beastie, huh? Could it work? Its neck is already kind of split open, so...maybe...not?

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