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Page 453 - June 21, 2013

I've now added the characters from chapter 2 to the characters page, moving on to chapter 3 next. I'll slowly get these done between the other stuff, yes I will. And speaking of other stuff...

...I'm moving to Sweden for a year, next week! Ahaha, what? Yeah, that's what I'm doing. I haven't even hinted at it these last few months that I've been working on it out of fear that it'll fall through somehow and then I'd be extra sad, but now everything is too far along for it to not happen. Remember when I kind of suddenly went to Sweden for a few days a while back? That was because I finally got first dibs on a place to live so me and my mom had to take a trip over there pretty much immediately to check out the place and decide if I should take it or not before someone else got it. It's been a done deal for some time now but I've been pretty scared that they'd call one of these days telling me that there's something wrong with my contract. But I spent the whole day yesterday packing up my room with my mom, only a closets left to go through, and that's basically what to me signifies "alright, this is happening, if something goes wrong now it's not supposed to happen.".

I basically have two reasons why I need to move to Sweden. One: comic-drawing reasons. I need to check out some things in central Sweden and a few other locations to draw the first chapters of SSSS, and the other option would be to take constant research trips over there. This is more efficient, traveling is so very stressful to me and messes up my drawing routines.

Reason number two: in order to afford to make a printed book version of aRTD I'd have to use crowdfunding for it (like everyone else apparently), and that's kind of illegal in Finland. You see, there's this "anti-scam" law from the 90's or something that makes it illegal for everyone except organizations with a permit from the police to collect money from people, over the internet or othervise (I think it's called the "rahankeruulaki" aka "the money collecting law" in Finnish). Basically it's illegal for me to even put up one of those ordinary "donate" buttons by Paypal. So to make the aRTD book happen I'll have to move to Sweden, and that's what I'm doing now.

*Edit* Whoops, mom's sick. No special midsummer stuff today, just staying at home and taking it easy. :3

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