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Page 446 - June 13, 2013

The roles sure have been reversed; Ville is being a pessimistic baby and Hannu is doing his best to cheer him up.

Oh crud, is it Thursday again? Man, this vacation is going too fast! Tomorrow and on Saturday we're going on those sightseeing buses tours to a bunch of glaciers, waterfalls, cliff formations and what have you, and since the tours will eat pretty much a whole day we only have today and Sunday left to do our own stuff. So many museums left to visit and buses to ride, aaagh! Yesterday we only made it through 4 (awesome) exhibitions before our feet tried to kill us and everything started to close up. But at least we've started to get pretty accustomed to the city bus lines by now, less getting lost. :D

And we've managed to not spend a bunch of money on stuff, not even on food. The dinner buffet here at the hotel is over 50 bucks per person for one evening, so we're so not touching that. We're also not going to any other restaurangs. Oh no, the most convenient way to eat is by going to the local grocery stores. I don't know if it's something that's available in central Europe or America, but I sure haven't seen it in Finland or Sweden: a dinner buffet right in the middle of the food isle! You just put the food you want into little take-home boxes and pay for them by weight with your other groceries. They got chicken, tuna, beef stew, noodles, pasta, rice, cheese and tons of vegetables and fruit readily available. And it's so cheap! I got a full, balanced meal out of it for just a couple of bucks. Take that, 6000+ krona dinner buffet!

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