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Page 425 - May 18, 2013

Okay, now it's going down, the next pages will make some of you very happy. Ah, a good place to cut things off before Monday, don't you think.

I'm off to school again on this beautiful Saturday morning, to retake my maturity exam, this time in Swedish instead of Finnish. So hey, remember how a while back I mentioned how I had accidentally registered myself as a Finnish speaking student rather than a Swedish speaking one, and how it was causing some trouble with my records? And how the worst case scenario was that I won't be able to graduate this year because of this? Well what do you know, worst case scenario ahoy! I now have to re-pass all mandatory Finnish and Swedish classes (in reverse priority) and the maturity exam, yaay! And since there are no "Swedish as a first language" classes left this spring, so... next year. Yup, bummer.

But it's not a catastrophe or anything, all of my plans for this upcoming year are still the exact same as they were last month, I'll simply have to pop in at school for a couple of weeks to take care of that one class, nothing else.  I'm not even sad about it. *Crosses arms*

I think I'll end this post on a totally different topic, can't leave you guys over the weekend with sad news, so: hey, how 'bout that Eurovision stuff tonight, huh? Live broadcasts make me really nervous so I probably won't be watching most of the show, but I'll sure turn in for the voting, whis is always my favourite part! So I won't even know any of the songs when the votes start raining in, hah! I'll just cheer for Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland as I always do, for no other reason than, you know, Nordics! Oh, and Estonia too, because you now, Finnics! *Checks the official site* Oh, good, they're all in the finals! It'll be a fun night. Good luck to all the rest of you too!

Oh right, the majority of you readers here are from north America and have no idea what this nonsense is: it's a yearly music competition between European nations,  and it is equal parts kind of awesome and embarrassingly ridiculous. If you want to have a bunch of weird stereotypes about dirrerent Europeans enforced and probably get some brand new ones, then watch Eurovision. It's...something.

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