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Page 414 - May 2, 2013

Heh, Hannu is telling someone to stop being a brat. Yeah, I completely forgot to make a new vote bait picture for yesterday to kick off the new month, so I made aomething for today: a loose, colored sketch of Tuomi playing that stupid instrument that he uses in the real world. Let's see if I'm able to make more vote bait pictures this month, I completely broke that promise last month so I don't dare to promise it again but...I'll try? I want to, and it's not even a question of not having enough time, I just seem to forget day after day. Hm. But I'm so glad to see that aRTD stayed in the top 10 of the TopWebcomics list even without abundant coaxing on my part! Thank you guys, you're the bestest reeaders! *Monthly group hug*

And hey, here's also a "quick" drawing of Tuomi with his kantele that I finished yesterday (you guys on Twitter already saw it):

Have a good day everyone!

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