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Page 390 - April 1, 2013

Happy first of April! Don't fool people too much today, alright? We don't want unnecessary heart attacks all over the world, now do we? In the spirit of being genuine and non-foolery: super-duper thanks to everyone who bought the second minicomic over the weekend! Every single buck makes next year a bit less scary and helps push back the date when I have to start dividing my drawing time between doing comics and paid work again, so I genuinely appreciate all of it so very much! Thank youuu and hugs all around! *Huuug* This time I won't let the link to the minicomics get buried under all the new posts either *points up at new banner.* (Oh, and if anyone has had any trouble with the download or has in the future, just drop me an email at minna[at] and I'll get it sorted.) And yaaay for our fun Easter tradition-sharing on Saturday, so many different stories to enjoy!

And as you can see, there will be absolutely no snow in the next chapter! It's sure been a while since we last didn't have any in this comic. And tomorrow you'll get to see Ville in his new, glorious form! Guess what it will be? :3