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Page 388 - March 29, 2013

It's on these kind of pages that I always realize how much I enjoy writing the dialogue and interaction between characters that aren't Hannu and Ville. I may have mentioned it briefly in the past, but I definitely feel that my strengths lie in writing group dynamics between 3-6 characters, and having to get by with just 2 of them is...a bit of a challenge for me. I'm not really sure how I ended up with a story of just two main characters as my practice comic in the first place, all my prior ideas had 4 main characters. Heck, my "real" comic after aRTD has a whooping six main characters and five secondary ones! Oh well, at least writing them should be a relief after all this back and forth between Hannu and Ville.

Aaand we're finally out of this year's comicmix webcomic tournament, beaten by Bittersweet Candybowl fair and square. The vote itself was pretty close with BCB leading with a few percent (if I remember correctly) but they also got more paid votes so the final lead was quite significant. Congrats to them! I'm so happy you guys got aRTD all the way to the semifinals, we've got a whole bunch of new people to take a peek at the comic during this time. In a way I'm actually relieved that aRTD got knocked out before the final round. Not completely sure why, but I am. So thank you for that too!

Quite surprisingly the comic I was sure was going to win this year, Ava's Demon, got knocked out too. So this seems like a good time for another webcomic recommendation: go read Ava's Demon, like, seriously! It's one of the most gorgeous webcomics currently running. The way it's read is a bit unorthodox for comics and might take some time to get used to (can also be a real pain with a slow connection): it's basically just one small panel per "page", so reading it takes a lot of clicking forward. But each and every panel is like a freaking beatiful piece of artwork on its own! My biggest problem is that I keep getting so invested in admiring the artwork in depth that I forget to read the dialogue for long periods of time and end up losing track of the story. xD