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Pages 384,385 - March 26, 2013

It's another double pager, wheee! It's a bit different than the other full spread pages I've done so far as they've mostly consisted of one enormous panel surrounded by just a few considerably smaller ones. This one is more like, uh...*waves hands frantically*

And what the heck? I already thought aRTD lost to RA with a (relievingly) small margin, but then you sweet, sweet readers went and basically doubled the votes for aTDT with the donation based ones! Wich means we're now somehow in the semi-final round. *Wipes tear and nose-goo*

So, in this round we're up against the webcomic Bittersweet Candy Bowl, which is a really cute romance/humor/drama comic about little anthropomorphic cats (mostly, I think I see at least two dogs in there) in high school. I personally find it quite charming, so I urge you all to at least give it a try if you as much as tolerate the "high school social life"-genre. Obviously it's very different from aRTD, which falls more in the "socially ill-adjusted dude tries very hard not to spend time with people. Also: what is romance?"-category. Vote for whichever is closest to your heart! (Well, duh.) I have a gut feeling that the fan base of BCB might be about the same size as that of aRTD and maybe  equally invested, so this'll probably be another tight fight to look forward to! ^_^