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Page 382 - March 23, 2013

Oh, poop! Now I notice that Hannu and Ville are standing on opposite sides of each other from the previous page! On this page I needed Ville to be positioned on the right side of Hannu for the panel and dialogue flow to work like this, but I forgot to check how I drew them on page 381! Aaaa, silly me... I guess I could easily fix this by flipping their positions digitally on the previous page, but leaving these kinds of errors in the comic could be fun for some readers.

I don't know, do any of you have an opinion on this? Especially if/when I collect the whole comic into a book. I'm sure I'll stumble upon more of these silly mistakes as I start prepping the pages for print, editing them out could make a slightly better comic overall. But on the other hand leaving all the little mistakes as they are would give that "this is totally a genuine learning process right here, no touch-ups added afterwards!"-kind of feel to the comic, and that learning process was almost the whole point to this comic. I...really can't decide which way is better, help meee? And haa-haa, I made you wait until Monday for something to happen! Again!

(Ah, also: I think today is the last day to vote in the ComicMix webcomic tournament, and it's a preeetty tight match between aRTD and Romantically Apocalyptic as I'm writing this, 50/50 exactly. If you'd enjoy tipping the scales in either direction, go have fun with that. And whoo for our great discussion about spring yesterday! Everyone enjoys talking about the weather, right? x3)