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Page 378 - March 19, 2013

Yaaay, we made it to round four in the webcomic tournament at! You guyyyys! *Massive group hug*. There's only 16 comics left now, and aRTD is up against Girl Genius this round, which is a comic  I'm sure most (dare I say all?) of you have probably heard of. I can't say much about the comic myself because I haven't dared to dive into the enormous archive of volumes yet, I'm holding off until I actually buy the books. But please give aRTD a vote over here if that's what your heart/liver/some other part of your body is telling you to do. =^_^=

So yesterday was the worst day in my whole, This millenium! My computer completely died on me ( I may have helped a bit with that) and of course all my account information for my online backup service were on that dead computer! Which means that for a grueling evening I was pretty sure I had just lost access to almost 120 pages of aRTD despite having a backup! And yes, the whole desperate show of drama and crying is saved for all to read on twitter. Have fun with that, and know that there was a happy ending where my desktop magically healed itself (ehh, kinda) after eight hours of one disaster after another.

 Oh, and don't worry, the first thing I did after my computer healed itself was to make a second backup of all my pages, because one backup is clearly not enough. Maybe I should look into arranging a third backup too...

So, uhhh, I'm incredibly tired and stressed out right now and my computer is still being weird, but...disaster avoided!