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Page 375 - March 15, 2013

*Le gasp!* Now Ville is the one who wants to quit? And *Le gasp* again! We made it through to the third round of the webcomic tournament over at! So wonderful, thank you guys! aRTD is up against the comic TwoKinds in this round, which I'm sure everyone who's ever browsed the TopWebComics list knows of. You can vote for aRTD over here if you are so inclined. ~<3

And the little poll about ads on webcomic sites in general is now closed, so here are the results for all to go "hmmm" at:

I was a bit surprised by how many people chose the option of accepting ads as long as they weren't being actively annoying, I was expecting a far greater percentage of people being more disapproving of even standard, static ads. Very interesting! (And no, I'm not going to start throwing in more ads on the site because of this new piece of information, don't worry.) Alright, see you all tomorrow!