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Page 369 - March 8, 2013

Heh, you guys guessed it, Alibaba was the key to preserving that one piece of charcoal for Ville and Hannu. And just so you all know, the first part of that walkthrough of my comic drawing process will be up tomorrow. I figured I would divide it into two parts to avoid an incredibly long page to scroll through: the traditional inking half, and then the digital coloring and speech bubbling half. And I'll try to record the digital part as I promised. :3

*Edit* And a few of you kind readers notified me that there's an annual webcomic tournament going on right now over at, basically it's a regular "who-gets-most-votes" contest, except comics are faced of against each other two at a time in a single elimination tournament.  A Redtail's Dream is pitted against the webcomic  Eerie Cuties right now in this first round, so if you happen to like aRTD over here? Link to voting.<--  Would be pretty cool to get through the first round at least, maybe we'd be able to pick up a few new readers in the process. Thanks to everyone who votes! :3