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Page 363 - March 1, 2013

Oh yes, the crows. They're coming!

On the subject of that livestreaming thing I mentioned a while back and was very much intending to do: so not happening. As it turns out, my internet connection can't handle it. I've been trying out the different streaming services this last week, but clearly 0.6 Mbps of upload speed just doesn't cut it. I can get a really low quality video of my screen streamed easily, but it looks like butt, and is therefore useless. Other than that my test streams worked painlessly, but I'll hold off making and live drawing sessions until the day I have access to a decent enough connection.

But I was going to make a walkthrough of my comic-drawing process anyway, so that will probably happen next week. And I might as well record the digital part of it while I'm at it...just won't be viewable live this time. :/