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Pages 354,355 - February 20, 2013

Oh yes, it's the first full spread page of the chapter! And it is one of my favourites  too(again!), obviously because of the first, enormous panel. But when I first was sketching the page, I hated it! Absolutely hated! Seeing that long, empty horizon cut across the huge piece of paper seemed like such a waste of a scene. Because come on, there's nothing there but some clouds and fire, boooring. But for no reason at all I felt like watching a documentary about Moebius/Jean Giraud while I inked it And after that horizons became awesome!. I had completely forgotten about those cool drawings that the guy used to do, where the whole scene is dominated by this vast, empty desert and its lonesome horizon line. After that I finished this page with newly awakened passion and self-satisfaction, because apparently scenes with crazy amounts of horizon is what real comic artists draw. Jean Giraud was pretty great.

The live streaming session idea got a lot of support, so I'll start working on figuring that out next! I'll see if I can arrange it some weekend during the next month, so stay tuned, folks!