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Page 346 - February 11, 2013

Ville will climb that tree, darn it! No matter what anyone says! He CAN do it, because he's pure of heart and strong of paws! And it sure took Hannu long enough to recall one simple thought, methinks he might be starting to develop some degree of brain damage. By the way, great thanks to everyone who chipped in with their feelings and/or bits of information on the whole "hill or mountain" issue on Saturday. I learned so many new words relating to different ground formations it's crazy!

But aww, looks like I have to switch to a more robust commenting system than IntenseDebate because once the total comment count passes one hundred all reply threads become hidden behind a little "x replies" link that you have to click on to view the replies. And there's no alternative to turn the darn function off! >_< Oh well, I'll get another one installed for the rest of the comic next Sunday. What a nice problem to have, though: too many comments! And my money won't fit in my wallet, my cat is too cute, and my diamond shoes... nope, you know what: my diamond shoes are just perfect! No complaints there.

New vote bait pic for this week! This one is also based on the requests made last week: it's a tiger-Ville! All kinds of cat forms, from your common adorable kitty to lions, were requested a lot, and but tiger and snow leopard were the two most popular ones. Perhaps I'll draw a snow leopard-Ville some day too. And a big tigery hug to everyone who's been voting this month! *Tiger "hug"*

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