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Page 328 - January 21, 2013

Oh yeaaah, new week and Mr.Bear finally revealed his master plan! Another thing that finally happened is that made a twitter account, because apparently that's one of these new hip things that people use these days and every other webcomicker has, as far as I know. I guess it can be used as a nifty update-notification system? Yes, that sentence needed a question mark because I'm still very confused about the whole concept and don't really see much other real value to sending out such short messages to a whole bunch of people. I doubt you guys are interested in hearing about my breakfast choices, and if you are: honey-flavored cereal with milk, but not mixed together. Every morning.

But yes, if you're a twitter-user and would like to get that little note right after I put up a new page, there it is! Sure, there's a new page almost every day, but some days I update around 7 in the morning, others as late as nine and on Saturdays I might very well sleep 'til noon, so that eliminates having to guess when to check in. And who knows, maybe one day I figure out what else this thingamagook can be useful for and start doing that, whatever it is.

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