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Page 322 - January 14, 2013

Well, she's kind of right. Isn't Hannu just a big, grumpy baby after all (he's still attempting a polite smile, though) and Ville will always be a sweet little puppy-dog at heart!

Happy announcement: I finished drawing chapter 6 AAAAHHH!!! Which means I'm now two chapters ahead of you guys and I only have two more to draw before I'm all done and the next thing can begin! Hnnngh, starting this chapter scares me so much for some reason. I even skipped drawing a page yesterday and worked on school stuff instead because I felt like I neede to stall, when in reality what I need to do is push forward and not stall! Today I'll start. Definitely. *deep breath*

By the way, chapter 6 was/is waaay shorter than this current one, that's why it's already finished, I haven't suddenly leaped to a 150-page buffer or anything.  It actually shrunk by a few pages these last couple of weeks because of *shudders* school stuff.

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