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Page 317 - January 8, 2013

You know what Ville's problem is? He's got an inferiority complex towards Astrid! The same kind of inferiority complex that all Finns supposedly have towards Swedes, and looks like Astrid's got some of that Swedish superiority complex. Oh, I'm sorry, supposed superiority complex. In this case for a good reason, she's already a rather mature (that means old) lady already and served many successful years as a hunting dog, she couldn't care less about some immature sofa-dogs.

Those of you who want to see what a real Astrid looks like, google "jämthund", and then google "finnish spitz" or "suomenpystykorva" for a comparison to Ville. So similar, yet so different. Aaand I almost forgot: there's a new bunch of raw linearts as vote bait on TopWebComics: pages 314-317.

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