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Page 315 - January 5, 2013

Gasp! Ville has a rival? Mayybeee... Or maybe not. By the way, I had a horrible nightmare about the comic last night! In the dream I had written (and drawn) a completely different ending to this chapter, and suddenly realized that I absolutely hated it and could not stand putting it up on the web. The whole rest of the dream was me trying to desperately change what happened in the last 20 or so pages by only rewriting the dialogue but leaving the artwork the same. It was a really weird ending to boot: a bunch of people were sitting in a diner in the middle of nowhere and Hannu was talking to his dad for 20 pages. That is so not what is going to happen in this chapter, so I'm pretty relieved to be awake and not hate what I've written.

It's Sunday tomorrow, see you all on Monday!

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