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Page 304 - December 24, 2012

Ehehee, I totally copypasted those first panels. I rarely ever do any major digital modifications to the lineart, but in this case it really was the best call. Redrawing those panels traditionally using some kind of grid system or a light board would have taken an insane amount of time without the result being none the better.

Wheee, it's Christmas eve and there will be so much anticipation and presents and candy and food and music tonight eeee! what I would be saying if I were ten years old. Now that our household consists of four adults we're pretty much trying to just get some much needed rest before next year and to keep our stress levels down, and I'm quite happy with that. No Christmas lights, no tree,  no decorations at all,  no music and no presents, just a fridge full of delicious food (so much fish yumyumyummm!) and a ton of Pepsi Max to drink. Well, actually we have some kind of present-thing going on too: we're getting ourselves a 4G internet connection from Saunalahti and splitting the bill four ways, so that's a useful little present from all of us to all of us. And the weather's perfect too: we've got a thick, soft layer of snow already (about 40cm, maybe) yet it's still snowing, and the temperature is at a crisp, but not too cold, -10C. Just...perfect. *Cue holiday cheer*

Oh darn, I should have drawn something Christmas-y for you guys! Oh well, I'll make something for tomorrow. If I've understood it correctly the 25th is the big deal in north America, and according to my site statistics the reader base here is like 80% north American anyway, so I guess that works out just fine.

Alright, time to go eat some delicious smoked salmon. Merry Christmas to those of you who are celebrating it today, and see you all tomorrow!

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