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Page 292 - December 10, 2012

Alright, it's Monday! That means it's the beginning of the very last week of this school year for me after which I'll have over three weeks of time to finally start working on my final thesis! *Cue victory punch* Granted, I'm expecting this week to be the most hellish one of all the weeks I've spent at university so far, because I've got the final critique session for the Super Serious Group Project , the one that's been draining my life force for months on end yet not going anywhere, on Friday. I'll either have to achieve a state of absolute apathy and indifference or else I'm going to die from embarrassment.

Oh, and the gods of school subjects decided they hate me, so they decided to create the subject "three dimensional typography". The critique for that one is on Wednesday and I...just...can't. I'm terribly mediocre at typography, but I always feel like I'm learning a lot during those classes so I can manage, but then when a teacher combines the subject with 3D (I suck at everything 3D) and goes "everyone be creative and innovative! I'm expecting great things!" I apparently die inside and reach the creative state of a potatoe. We've had like three weeks on our hands to come up with ideas and start working on them, and I just scrapped everything I had yesterday evening and started from scratch. I suck at school.

Nah, the situation really isn't as bad as I make it sound. It's not very uncommon for people to show up to a critique session after a whole month of work and be all "inspiration didn't come, so I didn't finish anything. I'm an artist", shrug slowly and just work out some kind of indefinitely extended deadline with the techer afterwards.  I haven't used that card yet, and while I definitely don't have the poker face to ever show up with nothing at all, the "inspiration didn't come, so here's a half-assed piece of garbage I made. I'm an artist"-card is looking mighty tempting. All in all, being in an art-oriented school is pretty nice in this aspect, it feels like the overall assumption is that we're all brittle, visually creative souls who work in mysterious and individual ways that should be accepted and encouraged. Especially visiting teachers from the economy and science branches of the university seem to teach under the impression that we can barely even write and definitely can't do math to save our lives.

Anyway, off I go, and as per request I put up a new batch of ink line arts as vote bait on TopWebComics. And a big, mushy thanks to all you sweet souls who have been voting this month! ~<3

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