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Page 285 - December 1, 2012

Oh, happy, happy day! And happy morning! Because: *deep breath*... I just finished drawing the last page of this chapter! That means I only have 3 more chapters to go, or about 200 pages, maybe even less. I guess making the comic exactly 600 pages could be pretty cool... Either way it feels insane that I'm this close to the end already. Getting to chapter 6 has for some reason felt like an unreachable goal all along that just won't come any closer no matter how many pages I draw. Probably because chapters 4 and 5 are, and will be, by far the longest chapters in this comic, getting through them simply felt like crawling over a mountain made of little pieces of paper. Feels good. And scary! I still want to become so much better before I start drawing on SSSS, three measly chapters of this thing won't be enough to get me there, aauugh! Maybe I should just draw another practice comic because I'm simply too scared to start on the real thing... too much failure is possible! *buries head in hands*

Since it's so conveniently the first of a new month and the ranking at TopWebComics has been reset once again, I figured I would post a sneak peek shot of the most recent page featuring the mood and color setting for chapter 6. I've put a wide, blank strip of black at the top of the preview panels (there's three of them, none of which contains Ville in his next form because that's a secret. :B) so those of you who want to throw in a vote but don't want to know anything about the next chapter yet won't get the sneak peek slammed into you face. I even desaturated the little banner image up there to not let any spoilers seep through. *points*

And thanks again to all of you who've been voting this last month, aRTD stayed strong in the top 10 during November too, hovering somewhere between 5th and 7th place and not even close to slipping off. I'm really glad to have you guys as my readers, and hopefully the TWC ranking will keep bringing more possible readers in. ~<3

Edit: aaa, I almost forgot: it's Sunday tomorrow, so no page and no need to check in, you'll just be disappointed. Eat some candy and watch Dexter instead. That's what I'll be doing.

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