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Page 276 - November 21, 2012

This guy again! It's been like...over a hundred pages since we last saw him, and two hundred since Hannu and Ville did. Oh, how time flies by.

By the by, I've added the new header images for the prologue chapter and this one into the gallery. But what is this? They're black and white originally? Le GASP!

Yeah, I was in kind of  a hurry to get these two done last week, and painting them in color felt like a herculean task at the time. Hence black and white, that's just so much easier and faster to pull off. Instead of having to think "should I use this color with that one? Or will it ruin the balance off the other colors and I'm actually better off with one of the other billion colors instead?" and just go "light or dark? Light! Then dark." instead. And the end result is good, I really like how both of these turned out.

My homework for today was to write anything from one sentence to one page about the subject " a moment" (fin: hetki). I wrote two sentences.


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