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Page 273 - November 17, 2012

Look, look! It's a new interface layout! (If anyone is experiencing weird glitches, tell me and I'll try to find a solution ASAP.) This means we've officially stepped into chapter 5 and the second half of the comic! It'll be about the same length as the first half, maybe a little bit longer because I clearly have some trouble keeping the page count down to my initial estimates for each chapter. Oh, how I hope I'll be able to wrap everything up in less than 600 pages... *buries face in hands* I'm almost done drawing the pages for this chapter, there's maybe a dozen or so left, which will make it just a tiny bit shorter than chapter 4, and therefore the second longest chapter of the whole story. The three final chapters will (hopefully) be shorter.

Also, I'll have the layout for the main page updated this weekend, tomorrow's Sunday break really came at a convenient time. I'm completely in progress with it, the raw layout is still sitting unfinished in my Photoshop window right now, ugh. Well, at least I'm happy with what I've got so far and I won't need to modify the code I've written for the current layout too much. Which is a real relief, because homework is a thing that also needs to happen some time this weekend. I've got a final critique session for a publication design course Monday morning, and I am so not looking forward to that, mainly because I'm not expecting a very positive critique on the thing I did. But hey, you guys will have the first non-cover page of this new chapter to look forward to, and frankly, so do I. See you guys on Monday, I'll get back to work right now!

Last thing: new vote bait thingie on Topwebcomics! It's two work-in-progress pictures of this cover, one in the colored sketch-phase and the second one about one third through the painting process. And a big thanks to all of you wonderful kitties who have been voting so far this month, we're still keeping strong positions as nr.6. Who wants a kiss? Nope, wait, kisses are gross. Hug? Huuuug! *Hugs*

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