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Page 265 - November 8, 2012

Would you dare to kill a moth? *pointing finger of morality* I wouldn't, because I would be too afraid of its whole moth family seeking revenge on me the following night. And looks like Hannu may not be too different from Puppy-fox after all, only minus the smarmy, bratty grin.

So, yesterday I was being like "man, I have a crazy hankering for an IKEA hotdog right now. Too bad that place is so far away x_x" and my mom was like "I think we've got some IKEA hotdogs in the freezer", and we did! Then my cat was like "meeeOOW!" and stole one of the sausages after I left them to thaw on the table. It was a good day, good hotdogs, and a good story. Well worth sharing here on the intertubes.